Rich Green

You can usually find me behind my computer imagining myself as the characters I create to bring them to life.  I work primarily digitally, but also enjoys putting a pencil to paper or paint on a brush now and then as well. 

I have illustrated a number of children’s books including A Girl With A Pink Cape, A Boy With A Cape and Niko & Kate.   I am also working on a series of illustrations for Chicago Treasure which is expected to be released in late 2017.

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Computer Graphics and Animation. 

I live in Joliet, IL with my faithful dog Annie by my side all day while I create.

I am a member of:

My work has been shown in the following Exhibitions:


  • Summer Lovin' - June 2017: The Flower of Life Gallery




  • Emergence Exhibition - June 2017: The Gaylord Building, Gallery




  • Fables, Fairy Tales and Folklore - March 2017:  The Flower of Life Gallery




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