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My new furinno laptop stand

I have been noticing that my neck and shoulders are always so stiff and sore lately.  And then I realized that I spend hours upon hours hunched over my wacom screen.  And when you factor in my height/long torso vs the height of a standard desk - the distance between the two only makes the posture worse.

So I put in an order for this furinno adjustment laptop stand and it arrived this afternoon.  It has joints that can lock in various angles so I can use this to make it a stand up desk, or just to elevate the screen to a height that allows me to work more upright. 

And I can even take it over to my couch to use it as a stand so I could relax  and watch some tv while still being able to get work done if I needed to.  As sometimes I just need a break from sitting in this home office room for hours on end but I am not really ready to stop the progress I am making on a project.

So I am very excited to really start putting this thing to use!