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Art Drop Day - Sept 1st, 2015 - From Concept to Winner!

After learning about Art Drop Day started by the amazing artist Jake Parker
 I knew I wanted to get on board. 

Ever since I moved to Joliet, IL. back in 2001 I have always enjoyed this series of columns each one unique and covered in a mosaic design and adorned with a sculpture on top. 

It was back in 2011 and 2012 when I started running and eventually training to run a marathon that I came across many of them along the various paths and routes I took all over this town. 

So when I had to pick a place to "drop" my piece of art I knew it was going to be at one of these amazing public art pieces - drop my art by art right?

And I figured it might as well be the one near my house.  One that I get to see on almost a daily basis - the Fox!  I knew right away that I wanted the setting in the art to include the column.  And since I always see deer out and about near it I thought it would be perfect to have a deer and a fox meeting and becoming friends. 

I started by coming up with the simple sketch of the design. Then I worked on coloring in both the fox and then the deer.  I did ground and forest background behind them.  And finished off with the column itself. 

This was such a fun little piece to work on and I am definitely going to be doing other pieces using the style I went with to create this piece.

Once it was finished I packaged it up in a nice sleeve and included a hand written note for the lucky person who finds it to give them some background on it. 

Then it was time to do the "drop" and post the clue to the location on the various social media sites I have a presence on. 

I shared a short video revealing the location and showing me place the "drop".

Then I waiting anxiously to see if someone would find it.  There were several comments about how fun this all is.  Then a comment that someone was there and the art was already gone.  And shortly after I got this photo of the lucky little guy who found it!

He and his Mom went on the adventure together this morning to find the Fox column and when they figured out where it was located (after going to a few of the other columns in the area) she said they were so anxious in hopes it was still there.  They were so excited when they realized they made it in time!  She said she is going to frame it and hang it up in his room and loves that he will always have this little memory of their morning adventure to remember each time he looks at it!

Being an artist who gets so much joy out of making children's art and books - I can not even begin to explain how happy I was to see that this little guy got it!

This was such a fun experience and I am so glad that I took the time to participate in it this year.  Now I am already looking forward to doing it again in the future!