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A little sneak behind the scenes of Chicago Treasures by Larry Broutman

I recently announced that I have been selected to do illustrations for a book by Larry Broutman called Chicago Treasures.  In this book Larry will be taking photos of pre-school aged children from The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually impaired.



Some of the photos will make it appear as though the child has found themselves in the world of a classic fairy tale or nursery rhyme, that will be illustrated around them by me!



Since I know how fun it can be to see behind the scenes on creative projects I thought I would share this post with all of you to show you a little behind the scenes on the first image featuring little Jack in the world of Humpty Dumpty.



The first step is to remove out all of the background elements from the original photo so I just had Jack to work with.  Then I began sketching around that image to ensure I had the proper perspective for the wall he and Humpty would be sitting on together.  Jack is in such a cute outfit that i knew I wanted to use that to play off of when coming up with the look for what Humpty has on.  Since the rhyme speaks of the King I knew I needed to include a castle in the background. 



I was about to send the sketch outline over to Larry for approval but I just kept feeling like something was missing.  Jack had his hand up and it looked like the perfect spot for me to drawn something.  And then thinking back to the line All the Kings horses - it made perfect sense to show one of them nuzzling up under Jack's hand by the wall.  This was exactly what the image needed to really place Jack into the environment.



Larry liked the sketch and the coloring began.  I pulled out the greens and blues in Jacks outfit to use for tones in the sky, grass and trees.  I made sure Humpty's tie matched that of Jacks.  The castle needed something behind it so I added in a mountain range to add more depth and bring it forward in the scene a bit more. 



And when all was completed it really does feel like the illustrated characters are interacting with happy little Jack.



We have so many more really fun scenes and illustration in store for this book and I can not wait until it comes out in 2016 to share it with all of you!


So in case you are wondering, who is Larry Broutman? 

Larry Broutman became an avid wildlife photographer and world traveler while still pursuing his career as a materials scientist and engineer. Larry was a university professor and successful business entrepreneur in the field of plastics engineering and had authored and edited more than 10 engineering texts in the field of plastics and composite materials before devoting himself to his photographic interests.

His current book Chicago Unleashed took more than 5 years in the making and is a collection of whimsical images created by Larry. The images combine his wildlife photographs from the wild lands of the world into conic Chicago urbanscapes. The concept was created for the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago during its design and construction. The whimsical images serve to identify each floor of the hospital by the animal in the images. Those images created for the hospital are included in Chicago Unleashed and identified as such. The cover image (shown below) features a lion photographed in Kenya, comfortably lying beneath one of the lions in front of Chicago's Art Institute. Text accompanying each image serves as a guide to the city's most important art, architecture, tourist sights, parks and more, often with a tongue-in-cheek twist adding to the whimsy of the book.

All author proceeds are donated to The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Disabled, as well as Access Living, Chicago-based not-for-profit service agencies.

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