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The amazing women who inspired my illustrations in A Girl With A Pink Cape!

When I read the story for the latest book that Amy Logan had written which would become A Girl With A Pink Cape, I knew immediately that it was a deeply personal story for her.

I also knew that when I began working on the illustrations for this book I needed to have inspiration of the women in my life who had also faced a battle with this horrible disease.  I wanted to give the character in the book who is on her own similar journey the respect, the strength, the vulnerability that my real world inspirations each faced to honor them in my own way.

Michelle Sierra - Author Amy Logan's sister who this book is a tribute to her life and the battle she fought against cancer before she was taken way too soon in 2014. 

Sue Ward - a close friend of mine and two time cancer survivor who showed the world how to fight this disease with beauty and grace.

Kris Toberg - a friend who also fought a long hard battle against cancer with the support of an entire community behind her.

To keep each of these ladies front and center in my mind at all times during the process of illustrating the book I printed out photos of them and taped them to my desk.  This way they were always there to guide me and remind me of why this story and this book was so important.

Throughout the book you will find little likenesses or attributes in the illustrations that are my way of celebrating and honoring each of these very special ladies who have impacted my life and the lives of so many others. 

I hope that the work Amy Logan and I have done in this book makes each of them as well as their family and friends proud. 

And I also hope that these illustrations bring joy and comfort to anyone who is going through a similar battle, or perhaps is close to someone that is. 

If I have learned anything during this process it is that the best gift you can give someone is your time and friendship when they need it most.

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