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What a little blue pencil stub taught me last night.

I do a whole bunch of my drawing and sketching digitally - I like how I can lower the opacity of the first layer where I draw out basic shapes which will build up into whatever object or character I am attempting to draw at the time.  Then I can add a new layer and draw over that and maybe add another and draw over that to continue to shape/refine.

But there are other times when I am burned out of sitting in front of a computer,  where I have been all day, but yet I still want to keep practicing drawing.  So I pull out the paper and pencils and I start trying to work through things.

There is something that just feels so good working with those traditional tools.  Here I use a blue pencil to do the overall shapes and then normal pencil over the top of that to refine. 

What I found interesting last night, is that as my blue pencil kept getting smaller and smaller (especially in my big hand), my drawings kept getting freer and loser because only having that little stub demanded it.  And it felt so good to see that happening, as I am normally guilty of being to strict or trying to get things to detailed or prefect on the first pass.

So, I am really hoping that after one final sharpen of this little blue pencil, when I have to start with a fresh new one, that I can maintain that freedom and take the lesson I learned last night.