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8 minute drawing challenge - dog

This is my first try at Jake Parkers 8 Minute Drawing Challenge (‪#‎8minutedraw‬) and it goes like this:

  • Pick a subject, could be anything. Like a dog, or a truck, or a helicopter, or a self portrait, or a tree house. I drew a tank this time.
  • Grab a sheet of paper and divide it into 6 even sections.

  • Click play on this 8 minute timer video: and when the timer starts you have 4 minutes to draw your subject in one of the sections.

  • When it beeps again you start another drawing in the second section, but this time you only have 2 minutes to draw it.

  • Then do it in 1 minute. Then 30 seconds. Then 15 seconds. And finally 5 seconds.

Now compare your drawings.

Post it online with the hashtag #8minutedraw

For my first attempt I went with drawing a dog.  I really enjoyed the challenge and plan to make this a part of my daily drawing routine going forward.