Rich Green Art & Illustrations



When you get a photo with such an expressive young man playing the part of a new scene you are going to be working on based on the story of Aladdin, you immediately feel that much more inspired!  Tadele did an absolutely fantastic job of modeling for Larry during their photo shoot.  Great poses and gestures for starters but that happy expression on his face says it all.

As usual my first step is to begin working on the sketch and outlines to create the entire scene.  I knew that this scene would be taking place amidst the gold and treasures of the magical Cave of Wonders.  Aladdin is tricked into going into the Cave to retrieve the oil lamp and in the process he releases the Genie of the lamp. 

I had not yet figured out how I was going to actual paint out all of the individual coins and details but I knew they would make these scene very unique and different from others we had done for this project.  My next step was to lay out some basic colors to begin to get a sense for how to proceed.  I pulled all of the colors of the Genie from the clothing that our model was wearing.  I did this so that the colors in the scene had a sense of consistency but also to tie our two characters together visually.

It took a bit of time to really figure out how to tackle the golden treasure.  I looked at countless samples I found via Google search of still frames from the film Aladdin and then worked out my plan of attack for the colors and layers that would be involved to get it just right.

I also pulled up all kinds of samples for designs of the magic carpet.  I actually created my own full mock up shown below.  And I used it in the final scene, by applying warp and perspective tools in photoshop to adjust it into position.  Give it a bit of bend and then hover it off the ground just a little bit - since it is a magic flying carpet after all!

magic carpet.jpg

I wanted our Genie to immediately be recognizable as a Genie and have a bit of a reference to the famous version.  But I also wanted him to have our own unique details and that came in via clothes and accessories as well as some difference to the face structure to keep him original.

When you pull all of this things together you see that magical moment when the Genie is finally freed from the lamp after so many years.  And it's as if he could float right off the page with his larger than life personality.