Inktober 2017 - Let's Do This!

For the past few years I have sat on the sidelines watching others participate in Inktober.  Might have been a bit of fear that I would not do very good with this challenge that was holing me back.

But this year I decided it would good for me to commit to drawing for fun daily and see what kind of improvements or breakthroughs I may have using ink. 

I will be following the #Inktober2017 prompts shown here:

2017-10-01 22.29.44.jpg

Here goes nothing:

2017-10-01 22.10.10-1.jpg

Day 1 - Swiftly

Batty Bella flew swiftly past the other Trick or Treater's on her hover board.

2017-10-02 23.48.47-1.jpg

Day 2 - Divided

Klyde and Dale, brothers who usually agreed on everything, seemed a bit divided about their choice of costume this year.

2017-10-03 19.03.25.jpg

Day 3 - Poison

Nicki and her Mom love to sing "That girl is Poison-nnnnn" in the car. So it should come as no surprise that together they made her into a scorpion for Halloween. "She's dan-ger-ous" they giggled.

Inktober -  Day  4  -  under water .jpg

Day 4 - Underwater

Marie loved her Under The Sea Antoinette costume but it was her Let Them Eat Crab Cake wrist corsage she was most fond of.

Inktober  -  Day  5  -  Long.jpg

Day 5 - Long

Little Kevin was looking so fly this Halloween that he even had Daddy Long Legs fooled.

Inktober - Day 6 - Sword.jpg

Day 6 - Sword

 "Why don't you stop playing Fruit Ninja on the iPad and go outside and play" said Brody's mom. "Good idea Mom!" he replied as he grabbed his sword and headed out.

Inktober - Day 7 - Shy.jpg

Day 7 - Shy

Approaching her very first door this little tricker or treater was as shy as a mouse.

Inktober - Day 8 -Crooked.jpg

Day 8 - Crooked

Not all pumpkins get to fullfill their dreams of someday being carved by experts. Instead many pumpkins have to accept their fate of being carved by a first timer and everything being a little crooked.

Inktober - Day 9 - Screech.jpg

Day 9 - Screech

Day 9 - "Screech": While out Trick or Treating, Mom and the kids came to a screeching hault when they saw it.