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Giving Old Frames New Life

My niece and nephew are participating in the upcoming TAGOL Kids Holiday Art Show.  They painted their fairly large 20x24 canvases a few weeks back and I have since varnished them in prep for the show. 

2017-10-22 18.42.07.jpg

But it was bugging me that the art pieces did not have frames, however it was not in the budget to spend a bunch of money on frames right now. 

But then a member of the Art Guild told me about a resale shop near my house that has all kinds of framed art for sale at a few bucks a piece.  So I took a ride over there today and sure enough they were right. 

I picked up two large framed pieces of art (just for the frames) and they cost me just $7.02.  Then I stopped at the hardware store and got some spray paint that will compliment their art and give their pieces a little extra pizzazz.  Brought all the supplies home and got to work. 

Here is how my nieces painting turned out. She titled it "Bumblebee's Holiday" (her and her brother were Transformers for Halloween and they would not budge on their art show pieces having their characters in them.)

Bumblebee's Holiday by MacKenzie: age 9

Bumblebee's Holiday by MacKenzie: age 9

And here is my nephew's:

Optimus Prime's Snow Day by Decklyn: age 5

Optimus Prime's Snow Day by Decklyn: age 5

I cant wait for the big gallery show day to see what all of the kids have created.  Should be a really fun exhibit!