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Winter Plein Air Study in gouache on illustration board

I have been enjoying the fact that we got days and days of snow this past weekend.  So it only seemed to make sense that I take advantage of this winter wonderland and practice some plein air painting using gouache.

Winter Plein Air 02-12-18

I opened up the door to my yard and set myself up right in the doorway.  So I could enjoy the cold crisp air and true colors of my subject matter.  While still being able to paint without being bundled up in layers of winter clothing. 

All of this was done on my lunch - so that it was just a nice little break from my usual work behind the computer. 

So much fun and a great reminder that I need to be more consistent with these studies and practice as there is so much to observe and learn!

Winter Plein Air Door Setup
Winter Plein Air