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Snowy Night study done in gouache on illustration board.

Snowy Night Gouache Study

Another small painting study done in gouache on illustration board.

This one was based on a photo I took at midnight in the middle of all the snowfall on Saturday.  I enjoyed how the corner street light gave the warm glow to the snow. 

But this is actually a complicated color set (for me anyway) as many of the colors I thought I was seeing were not really there.  Our mind just fills in the blanks when one color is placed next to another. 

The only paints used were permanent white, ivory black, jaune brilliant no 2, burnt sienna and raw umber. 

It did not turn out with as much contrast or saturation as the real photo, but it was a fun attempt none the less!  And not too bad for the third painting I have ever done in gouache.  Finished not perfect as they say, and then onto the next!