A pair of portraits for a happy couple

My friend Nava contacted me about creating a pair of commissioned portrait pieces of her and Michael to celebrate their anniversary.  I do not take on people portraits very often but she helped get me through a tough half marathon in Indy a few years back and so this was the least I could!

She sent over some photos for me to work from and knew she wanted the final piece to have some embellished texture after seeing one of my other recent works. 

I used a different photo to get the best image of each of them for reference.  And created my basic sketch to begin creating the art.

During the entire process I kept the original photos of them up inside of Photoshop so that I could constantly glance over and refer back to them, to make sure their likenesses were spot on. 

To give the piece something that would work well with texture, I incorporated a nice evergreen tree behind them. 

Once Nava approved of the art the following steps took place to bring it all to life.

The happy couple with their custom portrait art!

The happy couple with their custom portrait art!

I wish Nava and Michael a lifetime of Happy Anniversaries and all the best!