Lighthouses ON The Mag Mile

a public art display by The Chicago Lighthouse runs from:

June 19th to August 11th, 2018

There will be 50 lighthouse along Chicago's famous Mag Mile. 

For complete details check out the event website at:

Chicago Treasure

Is the lighthouse I created for the event and is sponsored by Larry and Susanne Broutman.

It features 64 kids and 2 dogs among the 57 illustrated scenes I created based on photos of children taken by Larry. 

These scenes will also be a part of our upcoming book also named Chicago Treasure due out in 2019. 



You will find the Chicago Treasure lighthouse in front of:

Disney Store

717 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60611


If you are able to make it out to see the display - please snap a photo of yourself with the Chicago Treasure lighthouse and tag me on social media.  I would love to see those photos!