Rich Green Art & Illustrations

Follet Non-Fiction Elementary

Library genre illustration sets for Follett School Solutions. 
Each genre set includes a book spine label, shelf marker and sign. 
This project includes over 125 illustration sets across Element, Middle and High School. All work was done in Adobe Illustrator so that it is resolution independent. These are the genre sets for Elementary - Fiction.



Non-Fiction Genre Sets


Library Book Spine Labels

Library Signs

254343 Folklore Nonfiction Elementary (Paul Bunyan) Sign SI-FOL-01_Artboard 3.jpg
254439 My State Nonfiction Elementary (US Map) Sign SI-MST-01_Artboard 3.jpg
254547 Paranormal Nonfiction Elementary (Haunted House) Sign SI-PAR-01_Artboard 3.jpg

Library Shelf Markers

254559 Technology Nonfiction Elementary (Internet) Shelf SH-TEC-01_Artboard 2.jpg