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Niko & Kate

Niko & Kate is a brand new book by author Fawn Michelle Goodman that I created all of the illustrations for as well as the overall book design and layout.  This has been a really fun story to work on and I am extremely excited about its release! 

Niko & Kate is the story of the friendship between Kate, an inventive gnome girl and her adopted brother, Niko, a shy vampire with a big heart and a special secret. It is a classic fairy tale told in a modern way blending dynamic imaginary characters with familiar elements from contemporary childhood experiences.

The story follows Niko and Kate and their life together as young children in a vibrant gnome village. Life is idyllic until one day the village is overwhelmed by exotic vines that cannot be stopped. Niko and Kate must work together to save the town.

Check out the Niko & Kate Book trailer:

A few More Illustrations from the book:

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